April 29th, 2010

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Hi ^^

As you may (or may not, depending on how long we've been friends) know, I watch A LOT of television. And this post is mostly about that. I'm in the middle of my finals and are doing some serious procrastinating and I've wanted to make a list for quite some time. So this is a list for me and partly a list for you to check out (there are some great shows there!). I've also included a list of shows I would like to see and I would love to get some new recommendations or confirmations of the quality of the ones that's already there.

And the second point of this post is that I feel that I want to actually learn something of the shows I watch and I want to get even better at writing English (I will be studying and writing in English soon). So as a project I want to analyze and write out my thoughts on shows in general, certain episodes and characters. So what I'm wondering about is: Are any of you interested in reading things like that, or should I keep it to myself? And in that case would you mind commenting with the shows you would be interested in reading about. I can't promise any continuity, or what I will do, but I can promise to work hard on them and actually try to post something that's worthwhile to read :D ETA: Made a community for it if anyones interested: the_bluebox

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So please, give me some response, I would love to hear from you! If I don't I will most likely go ahead and write something anyway, it's mostly for myself, but I would love to get feedback and some discussion :D