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Hi ^^

As you may (or may not, depending on how long we've been friends) know, I watch A LOT of television. And this post is mostly about that. I'm in the middle of my finals and are doing some serious procrastinating and I've wanted to make a list for quite some time. So this is a list for me and partly a list for you to check out (there are some great shows there!). I've also included a list of shows I would like to see and I would love to get some new recommendations or confirmations of the quality of the ones that's already there.

And the second point of this post is that I feel that I want to actually learn something of the shows I watch and I want to get even better at writing English (I will be studying and writing in English soon). So as a project I want to analyze and write out my thoughts on shows in general, certain episodes and characters. So what I'm wondering about is: Are any of you interested in reading things like that, or should I keep it to myself? And in that case would you mind commenting with the shows you would be interested in reading about. I can't promise any continuity, or what I will do, but I can promise to work hard on them and actually try to post something that's worthwhile to read :D ETA: Made a community for it if anyones interested: the_bluebox

Shows I've watched:
30 rock
Alice (2009)
Angel (Seasons 1 - 4)
All of the Austen mini-series
Battlestar Galactica (season 1)
Being Human (Season 1)
The Big Bang Theory
Black Books
Bones (seasons 1 - 4)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Criminal Minds
Dead Like Me
Defying Gravity
Doctor Who
Harpers Island
Heroes (Season 1)
House MD (Season 1 - 5)
How I Met Your Mother
Jeeves and Wooster
Legend of the Seeker
The Mentalist (almost up to date :P)
North and South (2004)
Pushing Daisies
River World (2010, syfy-channel)
Robin Hood (new series, season 1)
Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Tin Man (2007)
True Blood
Veronica Mars

And a lot of episodes from various shows + various reality shows.
I'm sure I forgot something, if you know I have seen something, but it's not on the list, LET ME KNOW (yes, I'm taking to you Krissy!).

Show I want to watch:
8 simple rules
Breaking Bad
Desperate romantics
Doogie Howser
Flash forward
Friday night lights
Generation Kill
Larc Rise to Candleford
Lie to Me
Life on Mars
Mad Men
Sarah Jane Adventures
Sons of Anarchy
Twin Peaks
White Collar

So please, give me some response, I would love to hear from you! If I don't I will most likely go ahead and write something anyway, it's mostly for myself, but I would love to get feedback and some discussion :D
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Well, that was odd. I was commenting, and then the whole page went black. Not the screen, just this page. Huh.

Get up to date on House!

From your list:
Doogie Howser

Other recommendations:
Caprica (Battlestar Galactica prequel)
Blackpool (David Tennant being awesome and singing)
Dead Like Me (from the makers of Pushing Daisies, but a bit less bouncy)
Life on Mars (excellent short series with John Simm)
Hornblower (oh my love ♥ -- I forget if you're watched this)
Sarah Jane Adventures (to get all the Doctor Who spinoffs)
I have a black hole in my journal, among other things it takes all the posts I think about writing, but never get the time to do :)

I will see House! Eventually...

Should I watch Caprica before I watch the rest if Battlestar, since it's a prequel and all?
I've watched Blackpool, well sorta, I didn't like it that much so I've skipped all the parts that didn't have singing. But the singing parts have been watched again and again ^^
I've seen Dead Like Me (IT'S ON THE LIST!)
I have seen the occasional Hornblower episode when it was airing, but I need to watch it from start to finish!

But I've put the rest into the to watch pile, thank you :D
Well, Caprica is a prequel made after Battlestar -- so no, you don't need to. I mean, they're.. separate stories, but Caprica is about how the Cylons were created and stuff. (Also, Caprica isn't finished -- Battlestar is.)

Well, Hornblower is TECHNICALLY a series of 8 movies (with the same characters, actors, etc, obviously). But the movies were split in two when they aired here, so it was kind of episodes. But yesss.

Okay then, finishing Battlestar first :)

I have also seen
Battlestar Galactica
almost done with season 1 of dead like me
Doctor Who
True Blood

on your to watch list I have seen..
the pilot of Caprica and it looks amazing.. I have the eps to #9 downloaded but haven't gotten to them yet.
I saw most of Doogie Howser when I was a kid I think..
and FRAK ME FRINGE IS ONE OF THE AWESOMEST shows for me right now!! DO watch that!! The banner I am awaiting for my new layout will have some Fringe characters on it!!
Fringe is almost on the top of my list :D I can't wait to see it, everyone says wonderful things about it!

Thanks for your input, hon :D